• Boost energy by increasing NAD+ levels within 8hrs1
  • Eliminate "deep fat" by activating the Master Switch 2
  • Control Insulin levels to promote & maintain a healthy weight3
  • Activate D1 & D2 dopamine receptors for elevated mood4

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Welcome to Cell•RX® and your easy, fast-acting health transformation solution. Cell•RX® is designed for anyone and everyone that wants to finally be in control of their health and life.

Cell•RX® is an all-natural, life-changing compound that is built to erase some of the most common and deadly age-related and obesity-related health problems afflicting tens-of-millions of Americans.

If you feel like you’ve been sleepwalking through your life, struggling to lose weight, fighting pre-diabetic symptoms, desperate for quality sleep, or just feeling like your brain is in a constant fog...then Cell•RX® is your ultimate, all-natural solution.

Cell•RX® uses 4 patented nutrients, enzymes, and compounds that:

  • Boost your metabolism for ultra-fast fat burning.
  • Reduce sugar absorption by up to 40%.
  • Control insulin and blood sugar levels automatically.
  • Sweep away brain fog, improve brain speed, memory, and mood.
  • Double your energy.
  • Double your concentration.



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  • excess joint pain
  • poor skin
  • mental fog
  • high cholesterol
  • low energy
  • weight problems
  • trouble sleeping
  • depression


​Sore, aching joints are a constant drain on your mental and emotional resources. Not only that, but painful joints also keep you from exercising, enjoying activities with your loved ones, and pursuing your passions.

You try to ignore it. You try relieving the symptoms with painkillers or anti-inflammatories; but nothing really works.

All of that stops now.

Cell•RX® eases joint pain by addressing the root cause of it: your immune system. Ailments like rheumatoid arthritis are caused by your immune system attacking and “eating” away at your joints.

Cell•RX® boosts NAD+ levels in all of your tissues. In scientific studies5, higher NAD+ levels helped to rebalance the immune system so that instead of attacking the joints, the immune system actually defends and protects the joints.

Not only that, higher NAD+ levels allowed the body to start repairing the nerve damage done by arthritis.

Poor skin

​One of the most obvious signs of aging is wrinkled and sagging skin. This is caused by declining levels of collagen, which is a protein that gives skin its perkiness and elasticity.

Collagen is created by cells called fibroblasts locatedin the deeper layers of the skin. This is why lotions that claim to “boost collagen production”don’t actually work because they can’t penetrate past the very top layer of skin.

CellRX increases production of collagen from the inside out by “recharging” your fibroblasts with more NAD+. Many of our customers say they look 10, 15, and sometimes even 20 years younger after just a few weeks of using CellRX.

Mental fog

​If you’ve noticed your usual mental sharpness or memory recall has started to decline, CellRX is your answer. CellRX is proven to double your concentration, double your motivation, and even improve your mood. Plus, it starts working within hours!

CellRX uses a clinically tested ingredient called theacrine. Theacrine is found in some exotic fruits and berries, but it’s also found in coffee. But unlike caffeine, theacrine is non-addictive, it produces no jitters or shakiness, and there’s no crash afterwards.

Theacrine stimulates dopamine production in the brain. Doctors call dopamine the “feel good” molecule because it increases feelings of satisfaction and happiness.

But Dopamine is also the “messenger” of your brain. It’s main job is to distribute information across your neural network. The more dopamine you have, the more efficient your brain works.

High cholesterol

​The deadliest disease in the world is heart disease. One of the most consistent indicators you’re at risk of heart disease is high cholesterol.

CellRX has been shown in human trials to reduce total cholesterol by 9.3 points, lower the “bad” LDL cholesterol by 8 points, and drop triglyceride levels by 17 points.

How does it work? CellRX protects you from high-fat diet-induced obesity by enhancing fat oxidation (fat burning). By burning more fat, many people see blood cholesterol levels start to plummet.

Low energy

​Feeling like you’re always exhausted, sleepwalking through your day, prevents you from really enjoying life to the fullest. If you’re too tired to spend time with loved ones and friends, you could be missing out on meaningful and timeless relationships.

CellRX gives you a steady, calm, and consistent boost of energy throughout your day without using any stimulants whatsoever.


Our cells need NAD+ and AMPk to produce energy and burn fat. Sluggishness and fatigue are often caused by reduced levels of these two compounds.

CellRX boosts NAD+ and AMPk levels within hours using safe, natural enzymes and vitamins. This gives you a natural steady and consistent stream of energy that lasts all day with no crash.

Weight problems

If you battle with stubborn weight clinging to your tummy, thighs, and hips, you are not alone. No matter what diet you try or how much you break your back with exercise, the weight simply will not go away.

​Until now.

CellRX unlocks your body’s ability to let go of fat. It grants you the ability to finally see the results you so desperately want from a healthy diet and regular exercise.

How does it work?

CellRX does three things. First, CellRX increases AMPk so your metabolism roars back to life, burning through fat like a jet engine. Second, CellRX boosts your energy so you actually have the motivation to exercise. Third, CellRX switches your body from fat storage to fat burning mode.

Trouble sleeping

​Getting deep, rejuvenating sleep is absolutely critical to your longevity, mental function, and bodily health. If you’re not sleeping well or if you have trouble falling asleep, it can cause an avalanche of negative health consequences.

Our bodies have an “internal clock” that controls our sleep cycle. When this clock “runs out of batteries” or starts losing time, it can throw your sleep schedule off track.

CellRX boosts NAD+ levels, which even out your internal clock and get it ticking in time again. This allows your brain to get that pure, deep, refreshing sleep your body needs.


One cause of depression is low levels of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is often called the “happiness molecule” because it encourages feelings of satisfaction and pleasure.

CellRX stimulates production of dopamine in the brain, which can help supplement other depression treatment methods.

Dopamine is also the “messenger” of the brain, carrying electrical signals throughout your neural network. So not only can CellRX help improve your mood, it can also increase your mental sharpness and focus.



NIAGEN Boost energy by increasing NAD+ levels within 8hrs1

AMPK Eliminate "deep fat" by activating the Master Switch 2

INNOSLIM Control Insulin levels to promote & maintain a healthy weight3

TEACRINE Activate D1 & D2 dopamine receptors for elevated mood4

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount per Serving
ActivAMP® Gynostemma pentaphyllum Extract (leaf) 450mg
InnoSlim™ NLF-03 Saponin Fractions 250mg
TeaCrine® (Theacrine) 125mg
NIAGEN® Nicotinamide Riboside 100mg


Niagen is the world’s #1 NAD+ booster and a powerful anti-aging nutrient. Niagen has been proven in human trials to increase NAD+ levels by as much as 33% within 8 hours. Boosting NAD+ improves energy levels, encourages higher metabolism and fat burning, protects your heart and brain from age-related illnesses like dementia and heart disease, and can also reduce cholesterol levels. Plus, it has no known negative side-effects.


AMPk is an enzyme found in every single cell in the human body. Doctors call it the “master switch” for your metabolism because it has to power to switch your body from “fat storage” mode to “fat burning” mode. People using ActiveAMP lost 8.2 cubic inches in abdominal fat and 6.3% of their total fat in just 12 weeks. For a 150-pound person, that’s a whopping 9.45 pounds. Not to mention, using ActiveAMP lowered their total cholesterol by 9.53 points and their bad LDL cholesterol by 8 points.


InnoSlim™ is a patent protected compound developed to control metabolism and blood sugar levels. InnoSlim™ increase AMPk by 22% which jumpstarts your metabolism so you start using more of your stored fat for energy. InnoSlim™ also stops your body from absorbing 42% of the sugar that you eat. Imagine the incredible change that would take place if you did nothing else except absorb 42% less sugar in your diet.


Sometimes called “Caffeine’s Curious Cousin”, theacrine is found in some exotic fruits and seeds. It’s also found in coffee. In human clinical trials, Teacrine® users reported that it doubled their energy, doubled their concentration, and boosted their motivation to exercise. Teacrine® works by stimulating dopamine production in the brain. Doctors call dopamine the “happiness molecule” because it increases feelings of satisfaction. But dopamine is also the “messenger” of the brain, delivering signals across your neural network. Teacrine more dopamine helps improve your mood and speed up your mental capacity.


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