NIAGEN Boost energy by increasing NAD+ levels within 8hrs1

AMPK Eliminate "deep fat" by activating the Master Switch 2

INNOSLIM Control Insulin levels to promote & maintain a healthy weight3

TEACRINE Activate D1 & D2 dopamine receptors for elevated mood4

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount per Serving
ActivAMP® Gynostemma pentaphyllum Extract (leaf) 450mg
InnoSlim™ NLF-03 Saponin Fractions 250mg
TeaCrine® (Theacrine) 125mg
NIAGEN® Nicotinamide Riboside 100mg


Niagen is the world’s #1 NAD+ booster and a powerful anti-aging nutrient. Niagen has been proven in human trials to increase NAD+ levels by as much as 33% within 8 hours. Boosting NAD+ improves energy levels, encourages higher metabolism and fat burning, protects your heart and brain from age-related illnesses like dementia and heart disease, and can also reduce cholesterol levels. Plus, it has no known negative side-effects.


AMPk is an enzyme found in every single cell in the human body. Doctors call it the “master switch” for your metabolism because it has to power to switch your body from “fat storage” mode to “fat burning” mode. People using ActiveAMP lost 8.2 cubic inches in abdominal fat and 6.3% of their total fat in just 12 weeks. For a 150-pound person, that’s a whopping 9.45 pounds. Not to mention, using ActiveAMP lowered their total cholesterol by 9.53 points and their bad LDL cholesterol by 8 points.


InnoSlim™ is a patent protected compound developed to control metabolism and blood sugar levels. InnoSlim™ increase AMPk by 22% which jumpstarts your metabolism so you start using more of your stored fat for energy. InnoSlim™ also stops your body from absorbing 42% of the sugar that you eat. Imagine the incredible change that would take place if you did nothing else except absorb 42% less sugar in your diet.


Sometimes called “Caffeine’s Curious Cousin”, theacrine is found in some exotic fruits and seeds. It’s also found in coffee. In human clinical trials, Teacrine® users reported that it doubled their energy, doubled their concentration, and boosted their motivation to exercise. Teacrine® works by stimulating dopamine production in the brain. Doctors call dopamine the “happiness molecule” because it increases feelings of satisfaction. But dopamine is also the “messenger” of the brain, delivering signals across your neural network. Teacrine more dopamine helps improve your mood and speed up your mental capacity.

PlantCaps® Capsules

Cell•RX® uses arguably the most advanced capsule available today. PlantCaps® are starch-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, vegetable origin, and non-GMO. PlantCaps® are made from tapioca, which is naturally fermented into pullulan: a starch-free vegetarian capsule. Other capsules are formulated with gelatin, which is often made from ground up animal parts sourced from slaughterhouses.

PlantCaps® actually outperform gelatin capsules in terms of their oxygen barrier properties. This means that the Cell•RX® formulation inside is well-protected and ultra-potent. From start to finish, Cell•RX® is intentionally designed with your wellbeing and health in mind.


The World's Most Advanced Dietary Supplement

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